Pose of the Month: Vriabadhrasana III – Warrior III

For many of us the idea that Summer is coming to a close is shocking, to put it nicely. If you are an early bird like myself, you have noticed the creeping darkness, and more recently the added chill in air. Though that chill may ebb and flow, the change in the length of the days is here to stay, and in fact that time of darkness will lengthen until we arrive at our Winter Solstice.

During this month of September, many of us are going through transitions, and taking on new challenges, or trying to manage these seasonal changes. So for this month, we’ve decided to focus our intentions on Balance. The word Yoga in Sanskrit means to yolk, or unite, and many interpretations look at the deeper meaning of yoga as the search for balance among the body and the breath, the breath and the mind, the mind and the spirit.

For our Pose of the Month try out a posture with SO many opportunities for variety, and for finding the just right fit for you. Vriabadhrasana III or Warrior III, can look intimidating upon first glance. Please remember that there is a little Warrior III in all of us, and side note – if you haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet… there is some Warrior III inspiration :)!

To come into Vriabadhrasana III:

  • Find yourself in a comfortable Tadasana (Mountain Pose), making sure that the knees stay soft and not in a locked position.
  • Choose a leg to start as your grounded leg. Begin thinking about peel the other foot off the mat/floor/ground.
  • Maybe today our Warrior III keeps the toes on the floor, maybe not. The choice is yours.
  • With or without the toes down, perhaps you begin hinging at the hips, engaging the core, as well as the muscles along both the grounded and the mobile leg.
  • The hands can rest on the hips. They can reach out in the direction of the floating leg. They can float out to the side (like an airplane). They can float overhead, engaging muscles from fingertips to toes (like Superman). Find your fit.
  • How far you choose to tip into the posture is up to you.
  • Find what feels right and breathe deep, feel light. Play around.

I had a friend who used to play with this posture while waiting in line at the grocery store, using the handle of her cart if needed. Then one day in class, she floated into an unexpected place. Balance is a beautiful thing 🙂 you never know where it will take you.

Benefits of Vriabadhrasana III:

  • Stregthen through the legs and core.
  • Enhance focus.
  • Quiet the mind.
  • Play with the art of letting go.