Yoga Benefits: Balance

So much of our yoga practice, and in fact, this blog, is devoted to the idea/concept of balance. We use this term in yoga quite freely and liberally, and I am not ashamed of this! The strive for balance within our lives is dictated in SO many aspects of our lives, the reason there is a Container Store (which I LOVE), and the food pyramid. We are looking for and setting up systems of balance in so many areas of our lives, perhaps in all areas of our lives. Today we are going to hone in on the importance of balance in the physical realm.

Balance in the physical body is something we don’t cherish until it’s gone. Have you ever been on a boat/ship for an extended period of time and when you disembark, you continue to feel that rocking sensation? I had that feeling for over two years. The lack of balance within my body was so disconcerting, and became just one of my many medical mysteries. Lucky for me it eventually went away. Others are not so fortunate, and continue with that off balance feeling their whole lives. Though conditions of balance are more rare, many of us can stand to work on improving and/or enhancing our balance from a physical standpoint.

Being well balanced physically allows us the opportunity for our bodies to relate well in space. We have less risk of running into objects, of tripping, and it increases our ability to walk on a variety of surfaces. Maintaining and working on our balance over our lifetime can assist for those times when our balance may be compromised by other factors such as age and medications.

Balance exercises also work on moving our muscles together and towards the center, which assists in overall stabilization for the body. This concerted effort on lengthening and strengthening the muscles is so important to the health of the joints as well! By working on the muscle groups the lie above and below the joint, such as with the knee. With using the standing balance postures, we are working with relieving weight and pressure.

So, have some fun… fall in and out, try out a new balance posture today. Or spend some time with your favorite 🙂 Bring yourself towards some balance today! And, join us for our next October 1st Balance Workshop!