Yoga Philosophy: The Tree of Avidya: Dvesha

How are YOU enjoying your month of adventure? Have you managed to try something new? Returned to something that you found supportive? If you haven’t managed an adventure large or small, remember that is okay. At some point that may be worth looking into, there are times when it may not be helpful.

As described in the past months in our Philosophy discussions, there are considered five klesas that get in the way of our ultimate connection/bliss/wholeness. This month, we are looking at Dvesha, which is routinely translated as aversion or avoidance, and in some cases as strong as repulsion.

As we look at those adventures that we accepted, we also want to look at those that we avoided and steered clear of. There are times when an idea pops up and we think, “that is the thing for me!” And then… we think on it. We spend time letting it tumble around in our minds and we add in all the things that are good, all things that are bad, and everything in between. There are times when contemplating a decision is to our benefit, and we want to take into consideration all the factors. Other times we want to take a look and say, is this fear getting in the way? Are we avoiding an opportunity for a reason that holds us back? Are we getting in our own way?

There are so many times when looking at our reasons for aversion/avoidance/repulsion can provide us with a great deal of insight into areas of opportunity, whether they be areas for adventure or not. (Next month we’ll look at something that we cling to.)

So whether it be that new food, book, trip, movie, or yoga class, the next time you feel yourself pulling back from that adventure, see you can allow yourself to sit with that for a minute, and determine whether this is something you can move past. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow… maybe soon. Adventure awaits you fellow yogis 🙂