Adventure in Rejoicing in Your Day

There is so much adventure to be had, and we have certainly explored a variety of opportunities to examine adventure, from both a macro and a micro perspective. And as with ALL things yogic how we choose to explore and be adventurous is truly up to us in each and every moment. To draw together yet another way to celebrate adventure and to weave in the spirit of joy that we touched upon earlier this summer… to see if we can carry these themes into the fall, for those of us who that may mean the school year for ourselves or loved ones.

In our last book suggestion The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu suggest that we end our day in a space of rejoicing. There are days where finding a single thing to be grateful for can be its own adventure, much less finding things to rejoice. Not to say that there aren’t periods of our lives, some longer than others, that feel joyous for extended periods of time.

The Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu lay out a structure for building our ability to rejoice in our day:

  1. Reflect on the day: Note major features of your day. Don’t let your mind rest too fully on any one particular thing, and check in on if the day went as you intended.
  2. Pay attention to your emotions and accept your experience. Reflect on the emotional experience of the day. Acknowledge what happened. Recognize that pain and joy are both a part of life, and that we are allowed to experience them. It is okay.
  3. Feel gratitude. Being grateful for all experiences can be challenging. See if we can start somewhere with finding moments of gratitude. Some of us like to write these things down, others have other methods for expressing their gratitude.
  4. Rejoice in your day. Pick something in your day that you feel good about. Celebrate it! If you can’t think of anything after several moments, celebrate your participation in this practice.
  5. Look to tomorrow. Allow yourselves to use this joy to set an intention for tomorrow. Trust that you can handle what is to come. (This may be yet ANOTHER place for adventure, we are always looking!)

Building these types of patterns can be SO yogic, and so adventurous. There are so many of us that have taken on so many roles, and taking the time to celebrate and rejoice in ourselves is a scary thing, a daunting thing. Allow ourselves this space. We are so worth it.