Pose of the Month Utkatasana: Chair

Welcome to the month of concentration. So many of us are back to something! As these summer months wind down there is a change in the atmosphere, and for many of us that means a time to focus and recommit to school, to focus on ourselves. In yoga we provide SO many methods for concentration, some of which we will touch on this month: from drishti points, to meditations, to postures, to mantras, In fact, we have explored concentration as one of the 8 limbs of yoga in a previous blog post!

Our pose of the month is Utkatasana, or Chair posture, which provides a fantastic space for concentration and working those muscles (physically, mentally, emotionally) back into shape for whatever we have coming up. Chair pose is something that we can take in so many forms, so feel free to play your way into concentration.

Coming into Utkatasana:

  • Some individuals like their big toes together, and others like their feet under the hips. Find the space that offers you comfort and grounding.
  • On an inhale float the arms up, while releasing the tailbone towards the wall behind you and towards the floor.
  • The amount of lift in the arms – at times they may come to shoulder height, parallel to the floor, other times they may come next to the ears (while shoulder blades stay grounded).
  • The amount of squat in the legs and release of the tailbone is also what feels good and is safe. You should be able to see your toes, with the kneecaps remaining over or behind the toes.
  • Engage the abdominal muscles to support the length of the spine and find the depth of your breath.

Alternatives. :

  • If you choose you can bring the hand to prayer position in front of the heart.
  • From this position you also may choose to take a twist within this position, which may end up with the lower elbow wrapping around or touching the thigh.

Wherever you end up find a spot to hold your gaze and breath deeply into this posture of power and concentration. These asanas allow us to return to our focus and intention! Enjoy.