Pose of the Month: Matsyasana Fish Posture

October is our month of Understanding. On Monday we posted on Facebook a quote from John Lennon, “I still believe in peace, love and understanding.” When looking for inspiration on understanding, I was struggling… is now a time of understanding? We chose these themes a year ago, and they have been warming on a metaphorical shelf, perhaps there is something better, something more in tune with where we are. Then John Lennon popped up, and took a breath of breaths. I, and I truly believe we, DO believe in peace, love and understanding.

Now may be a time when understanding feels fleeting. These are the times, as my indecision told me, the times when bathing in something can be the most healing. This month see where this idea of understanding takes you. Please know that this process can be intensely personal, or may be shared. You do not owe anyone anything. Our understanding can be something vast and communal, and it can be within the deep reaches of our soul.

One particular posture that aligns so beautifully with this sense of exploring the very idea of understanding is Matsyasana or Fish Posture. This asana is primarily targeted at the Visshuda or the Throat Chakra, the place where we hear and speak the truth. When we open this area of the body our channels of understanding can become so much clearer.

To come into Matsyasana:

  • Come onto your back (if not already there)
  • Draw the shoulder blades towards one another and gently move from side to side so the hands are under the body, palms facing down.
  • On an exhale use the abdomen to lift the body, bending the arms, so it is as though you are leaning back in a pool lounger (nice to think about huh!)
  • Find the space where you are comfortable and let the head drift back.
  • Rest the crown of the head on the mat. Try not to place too much weight on the head, the majority of the weight should be in the core and the arms.
  • Breath into the front side of the body!
  • Take your time, using the core strength to lift you out when you are read and lay back down on the mat.

This month will be all about exploring our understanding of our bodies and beyond. Take your time, be gentle, and take what you need. Know that you are safe with us!