Marma Points of the Head and Neck: Deepening Understanding

As we move into our space for understanding, we are welcome to stay in the space that feels safe and welcoming for us. For many of us that will be a space that is familiar, that has brought us ease in the past, that has made connections and a place of grounding and peace during previous times of turmoil.

For others of us, understanding comes with exploration and expansion. Whether you have heard of marma points, with this terminology or not, this may be a space to explore at this point in this transitional time. Marma points are incredible places on the body that bring together beautiful lines of energy at the surface of the body. By placing pressure on these areas we can tap into deeper feeling.

One such marma point is the Shivarandhra. This point is located a few finger below the crown of the head along the line of the spine. Opening Shivarandhara is thought to assist with headaches, insomnia and emotional disturbances; such as fear, anxiety and loneliness.

Nasa Mala which is located where the nose meets the forhead has similar properties to those of the Ajna Marma in that assists with sinus issues as well as hormonal balance. In addition this particular space can assist with pacifying the doshas, as there is an incredible balancing space to this particular marma.

The Adhipati Marma point is located at the top, or crown, of the head, which is believed to be the key space for memory and clarity. This point can truly open us up to the unknown, or that which we have been unwilling or unable to see.

There are 108 Marma Points in the body, and as we learn to deepen our own understanding of yoga, and of what connects with our own practice, this might be something that works well with you and your practice.