Studio of the Month Time!

We’re thrilled to partner again with Athleta of Briarwood Mall as their Studio of the Month!  Please see the schedule below; all the classes revolve around Athleta’s “Zen Den” theme of month.  We’ll be hosting two events at the Yoga House.  One of these events is a FREE Cleanse & Restore practice; this is a combo of upbeat Vinyasa and deeply restorative Nidra.  We also are hosting a Gratitude Practice as well ($20), which you can find on the workshop page.  The classes at Athleta are all FREE.

Have you noticed Athleta’s “Power to the She” campaign? It’s a bold campaign inviting women and girls to stand together, collaborate and put an end to undermining. Through the launch of this campaign, the brand aims to create a sisterhood of women and girls fueled by the core belief that alone we are strong, but united we thrive. “We believe in the limitless potential of women and girls, and we are passionate about the power of women coming together – it’s in our DNA,” said Nancy Green, president, Athleta.

We love that!  And, we also believe in the power of coming together – of having a community (our Verapose Family!) that’s sole purpose is to share a love for mindfulness and yoga.  We hope you’ll join us!