February 8, 2015

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  • $15 Drop-in ($10 first time drop in)
  • $130 10 class card (expires 4 months after purchase)
  • $99 New Student 10 class card
  • $75 Unlimited Monthly – credit card charged each month (includes 2 workshops per year and Yin Yoga on Fridays as well as a Verapose t-shirt)
  • $20 First Fridays of the Month Yin Yoga
  • $35 Monthly Workshops, except for the Partner-Yoga workshops

Class Sign Up


Yoga for Anxiety and Depression: Learn how to use yoga breath, postures and meditations to calm the fluctuating emotions. A soothing class to recognize the infinite beauty and strength that lies within us all.

Basic Flow: Allow yourself the space to unwind, relax and connect. Gently move through postures with the support of the breath. An inviting space to invite and cultivate calm in your life.

Prenatal Yoga: According to the Mayo Clinic, research suggests that prenatal yoga can improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, increase strength and endurance of the muscles needed for childbirth and decrease lower back pain.  We will not only practice yoga that is suitable and effective for the pregnant body and mind, but will also create a supportive group where we can celebrate this exciting phase together.

Restorative Yoga: A deeply healing style of yoga. Designed for people with mentally and physically taxing lifestyles. A gentle flow that opens and warms the body, ample time is devoted to slowing down and experiencing the richness of the present moment.

Energizing Vinyasa: This fluid style of yoga is meant to bring meditative relaxation to the student while the invigorating yoga postures increase flexibility and build strength and stamina. This class is intended for individuals familiar with yoga, although experience is not necessary and all levels are welcome.

Yinyasa: This class integrates a harmonious blend of two different yet complimentary styles of yoga. Half of the class offers a Vinyasa style series; guided flows to create heat, creating strength and stamina. This is followed by Yin style yoga; a deeply healing and restorative style of yoga, devoted to slowing down and holding postures.

Yoga for Men: A class designed just for guys, promoting flexibility, stamina and mindfulness.

Toddler Yoga: A class for 18 mo – 5 year olds, with their caregiver. Games, music, gentle movement, a healthy snack, stories and quality time spent together. We hope you’ll join us for this fun class!

Mindful Yoga: This 45 minute lunchtime class is for the person who would like to take their lunch hour and invigorate and calm the body. This class is meant to provide a respite during the day.

Family Yoga: Come connect with your family through the practice of yoga. Enjoy this time of peace and togetherness. Ages 6 and up. If a larger family of 4 – please let us know.

Location:  3115 Broad in downtown Dexter, MI (former Dexter Karate Academy/currently run by Dancer’s Edge), located one block behind the Dexter bakery and Hackney Hardware.  Downtown Dexter is located approximately 10 miles West of downtown Ann Arbor.  Plenty of free parking is located along the street in front of studio.