Yoga Philosophy: The Doshas – Pitta

For our month of Wellness, we continue our exploration of the Doshas. The Dosha we are focusing on this month is Pitta, which is represented by Fire. What I wouldn’t GIVE for some warmth right now. With the change in daylight savings (I am a morning bird!) the mornings out with the dogs and running have felt extra chilly.

Pittas typically have a warmer body constitution. When in balance Pittas are fast thinkers, have strong digestive systems, are energetic, and are fiery. When in balance Pittas are decisive, outspoken, and are able to concentrate. When out of balance Pittas can develop skin rashes, heartburn, and overheat. They also can be short-tempered and argumentative.

To balance Pittas, who are hot and fiery by nature, they need to find activities that are cooling and stabilizing.  Pittas should find activities that balance rest and activity, and should not schedule too many activities into one period of time. Pittas should focus on foods that are bitter, sweet or astringent. Pittas draw a lot of calm from nature and cooling colors, such as those from nature.

Nutritionally Pittas can follow these guidelines:

  • Dairy helps cool and calm Pittas heat.
  • Limit sweeteners other than honey/molasses.
  • The best oils are olive, safflower and coconut!
  • Reduce sour fruits such as grapefruits, berries and apricots.
  • Use cooler seasonings and vegetables whenever possible 🙂

For those of us who are Pittas, or who have Pittas in their lives, sometimes managing their/our fiery nature is challenging and exciting. Pittas can benefit from people in their lives who can offer them a sense of calm and balance!