Yoga Philosophy: The Doshas – Kapha

This month we are wrapping up our look at the Doshas, with our friendly Kaphas and we are glad that they are so patient! Pittas could not have standed to go last… they are quite impatient 😉 So, to our lovely Kapha’s, our calm, cool customers, are our steady and reliable friends. What on EARTH would we do without our friends with a good dose of Kapha? (If you have the answer, let me know, I lean heavily on some Kaphas!)

Our Kapha friends, or those with a predominance in this dosha are strong and solid with excellent stamina. Kapha’s have thick hair, large eyes, and bright skin. They have the ability to sleep soundly and generally have a healthy digestive system. Additionally Kapha’s are calm, thoughtful and loving. They enjoy routine, and are generally easy going.

When Kapha’s fall out of balance they tend to take on excess weight, sometimes in fluid. With their ability to sleep soundly, when Kapha’s are out of balance they may sleep excessively, and are more prone to asthma, diabetes and depression. Kapha’s are loyal, which may end up with them sticking with situations longer than benefits them. The love of routine can also lead to a sense of stubborness.

How to Balance Kapha:

  • Seek Stimulation: New Experiences
  • Follow a regular routine that avoids naps
  • Stay warm and dry
  • Clear your space: avoid the tendency to amass clutter
  • Get regular exercise: especially those that build endurance
  • Reduce the intake of dairy
  • Avoid most sweeteners
  • Limit consumption of red meat
  • Eat your largest meal at lunchtime.

Kapha’s can benefit from a regular cleanse to boost their energy and keep things moving. Kapha’s should choose that which feels cleansing to them. When seeking our own balance, we can find what works best for us 🙂 Enjoy dear Kapha’s!