Pose of the Month: Yogi Squat – Malasana

May is our month of willingness. After a month of cleansing, or bringing our awareness to cleansing, we are bring our intention to the idea of willingness. By definition willingness is the “quality or state of being prepared to do something, readiness.”  Our interpretation of this, as well as ALL of our themes, is really what we want to get out of this particular focus.

When I thought of willingness, I thought of times when I have been hesitant to try something, a lack of willingness. What is it that closes us off from that preparation state? Where does that fear come from? So often that anxiety or fear takes so much energy that when we move into preparation and action, we think, “well that wasn’t so bad.” Our willingness to try new things, and to participate in the process teaches us so many things, and Malasana is one of those teachers for me, and perhaps for you.

The Yogi Squat is not for everyone in every moment, and for some of us this posture is a saving grace. As with each of our postures, find your willingness, your space, and see what you can get out of this posture. Allow yourself to find your space.

Yogi Squat – Malasana:

  • Take feet out slightly wider than hips distance apart, with feet angled out. (the angle for you will be what feels right, for some feet will open wider than others).
  • Hand can come to prayer position or rest on the hips.
  • When ready allow the tailbone to move towards the floor.
  • Adjust the feet as needed, they may need to widen, the feet may need to turn in or out.
  • Your feet may not stay flat on the floor. Some of us may want to roll our mats and slide them under the heels for stability.
  • Keep breathing!
  • Be willing to sit for a minute wherever you find yourself and take a few breaths, or perhaps many.

Benefits – Malasana:

  • Tremendous hip opener
  • Extension space for the low back
  • Opens up the bottoms of the feet.

Be willing to try a Yogi Squat, or perhaps something else challenging, expanding your own willingness. Enjoy!