Yoga Benefits: Willingness to Expand our Horizons

There are times when we are itching for something new, and times when sticking with what we know, is the safe place to be. That is the beauty of yoga. It is what you want, when you want it! As many of you have explore, there are many types of yoga, and certain types fit certain needs. There are times when stepping outside of our comfort zone, and being willing to try something new is bold and scary. I know for myself, the first time I attended a Yin class, was terrified. Slow has never been something that I have excelled at, and therefore was nervous about. When I took the plunge, it was delicious, more than I could have imagine, and all the fears were only in my imagination.

Yoga, and being in the present moment, allows us to be open and willing to explore new things. Whether they are a new class, a new posture, or even a new experience all together. Another area of willingness in our Verapose sphere, a beautiful place to explore, is through Reiki. Not only does Reiki offer you a place of healing from an attuned practitioner, we offer a place for you to become an attuned practitioner yourself. In this sense you can practice on yourself and others.

There are three levels of Reiki attunement, and Courtney has been through all of them, and is a wonderful teacher. If you are willing to try either receiving Reiki or working on learning the skills to practice Reiki and take a deeper dive, let Courtney know!

As some of you may have seen, we are also in the process of finalizing our Yoga Teacher Training 200 level program, so if you have an interest in expanding your knowledge and understanding of Yoga, either for yourself, or to teach and give to others, be on the lookout.

Yoga allows us the space to open ourselves up in whatever ways feed us, and make us feel safe and healthy. Let us know if there are other ways that we can help you expand today.