Yoga Community: Partnering Up

I knew Partner Yoga was a thing WAY before I was willing to even consider it as a thing I would embark on. The idea of touching people, and in public no less, has always sent the alarm bells off. (At this point, if not far before, you may be aware that I am an introvert to the HILT 🙂 I was always fine doing yoga by myself, I was willing to explore, to try new things by myself, to take risks by myself… catching on to the theme here? And then Janine happened! In a basic class, one day she said, grab a partner, and we are going to try something. WHAT?!?! In a state of shock, I started working with someone and then the magic happened! It was AMAZING.

It turns out there areas of one’s body that you cannot always get to on your own! That with a little support, you can dig a little bit deeper, and let go in a little different way. In addition, the benefits of touch are found in countless research studies, from studies on animal, infants to adults, Human touch reduces stress by reducing the amount of cortisol in the blood, by lowering blood pressure and boosts the immune system. And much to my chagrin, physical contact also lowers social anxiety as it releases oxytocin and increases our feelings of connection and hopefulness.

I am fortunate that I was sprung into this practice, because from then on, any time the opportunity arose, I took it! Whether with an intimate partner or with a friend or family member, if there was a partner class, I was(am) going. In addition to the above benefits to joining someone for a partner class there is:

  • Enhancing connections with your partner (whomever you choose). Getting over awkwardness together and moving into a space of connection and sharing has tremendous benefits to relationships of all types.
  • Sharing moments! So many of us find moments more meaningful than things, especially for those of us in long-term relationships.
  • Opening ourselves up to a sense of play. Exploring opportunities to try new things, to laugh, to have a sense of exploration.
  • New sense of balance. As mentioned above, some postures can be deepened and can look a little different with a partner involved.

Partner classes are a beautiful way to explore. So… if you are Willing and Ready… Sign-up for our Partner Thai Yoga massage workshop on June 8th from 6-8pm. Head to the website to see the full description for this wonderful opportunity led by Joyce Brown.