Playing with Mudras

In our month of Play, it is fun to explore other parts of our Yoga practice. Mudras are an energetic practice that involves focusing our energy and attention on the positioning of the hands. This portion of the practice is often adding to a particular posture or segment of our practice.

For example. Anjali Mudra is Prayer Hands. We often integrate this particular Mudra into various parts of our asana practice, whether it be Samasthitihi, or the conclusion of our practice. Anjali Mudra also brings stability to Warrior Poses, Tree Posture, and anywhere we need that sense of connection. Gyan Mudra brings the thumb and first finger together and is the most common Mudra for meditation practices. Though this particular Mudra is used less in other portions of practice, it certainly can be engaged in other areas.

For our month of play it may be fun for you to add a new Mudra to your repetoire. Give one of these a try the next time you are practicing.

  • Kali Mudra: Kali is the Goddess who represents death, destruction and and transformation. Kali Mudra invites power and strength. To come into Kali Mudra we bring the hands together, interlacing the middle, index and pinky finger, with the first finger pointing up, and the left thumb crossed over the right. Kali Mudra is powerful in stading posture, such as Warrior I, Tadasana, Vriksasana and Uttkatasana.
  • Buddhi Mudra: If you need to find balance, look no further than Buddhi Mudra. This Mudra looks to strike balance between fire and water and help us trust our intuition and find guidance from within. To come into Buddhi Mudra bring the tip of the thumb to the tip of the pinky (the pads of the fingers), while straightening the other three fingers. Keep the thumb and pinky light, and not adding too much tension there. Buddhi Mudra is great for soothing postures such as Supta Baddha Konasana, Savasana, and of course 🙂 Meditation.

Perhaps your idea of play right now is to spend some time with those Mudras you are more familiar with, play away. Or maybe you would like to wrap up your June trying out 2 new options! Have some fun, as we prepare ourselves for a month of DELIGHT!