Open [Yoga] HOUSE!

There has been so much lately that has been taking our concentration. And man are we excited to share it with ALL of you! When it comes to honing our focus and concentration in terms of this space and our practice and our programming, here are a few areas that we have been placing our energy:

  • Securing the new space: including permits, zoning, loans, at multiple levels and layers.
  • Developing a Teacher Training Program for RYT 200 level teachers and launching it last week!
  • Designing the space: creating something that is warm and inviting!
  • Finding and developing a teacher base and network.
  • Expanding our classes and offerings. (nearly doubling)!

Now that we are in the new space we are allowing our focus to SHIFT to some new priorities, which can be a tough transition, and is such an important part of our yogic lifestyle. We are now concentrating on:

  • Making this space it’s beautiful self!
  • Getting into the details 🙂 (I’m more of a big picture gal myself)
  • Promoting ourselves… can you feel us squirming.
  • Getting to know our new trainees, and getting SO excited about this potential!
  • Listening, learning, growing.
  • Taking a deep breath or two!

We hope that you will be able to join us in this celebration of all that we have put together over the last year plus, whether that is to participate in one of our offerings, take a tour of the space, enter to win a drawing, or snap a great deal! Some of us like hugs too… so stopping by to give us a smile, or take a few cards to pass out, these all help us to continue to grow this gift.

Thank YOU for making this dream come true!