Mudras for Surrender

As we look at our last day focusing on surrender, and transition into our month of Peace, we will spend some time with Mudras, the ancient practice of harnessing energy through the hands. Anyone who has practiced or received Reiki knows that there is a way to channel one’s energy through the hands, and in many other ways. We have previously discussed Mudras, a practice of yoga for the hands, and we will review it again this month 🙂

Though, we believe that we can do yoga anywhere (as yoga consists of meditation and pranayama as well as asana practice), mudras are a lovely energy practice to add to our practice, whether it is on the mat or in our to-go kit!

Two beautiful mudras for surrender, our last day of November! Are Prithvi Mudra and Vayu Mudra. They have different calming properties and are both worth exploring.

Prithvi Mudra is made by touching the tip of the ring finger and the thumb together. This touch is light, not forced, and the remaining fingers are extended. Prithvi means earth, and this mudra is considered to be grounding. This mudra assists with bringing balance to the body, the breath, and the mind. It is believed to be both calming and strengthening. Due to the grounding nature of this mudra, it is not recommended to be performed lying down.

Vayu Mudra is made by bending the index finger in towards the palm, wrapping the thumb over the index finger. The remaining fingers extend. Vayu means wind, and this mudra is balancing in many directions. Vayu Mudra is thought to be relieving of pain, and it is often suggested that this Mudra be performed while accompanying asanas.

Feel free to play with this in a variety of ways throughout our next month of Peace, as both Surrender and Peace are quite linked!