Pose of the Month: Balasana – Child’s Pose

We all have different peaceful places. Places where we feel at ease, where we feel the quiet and the calm that allows us the space to truly rest. Those places are truly sacred, and are places that we can return to again and again when the time calls. For some of us those are destinations, a place in the woods or the mountains… maybe even the beach, where we can absorb peace from all around us. At other times we need to bring the peace to us, and find that place within.

Balasana, or Child’s Pose, is one such place for many of us in an asana class, or at out homes. We can relax into ourselves and allow ourselves to calm down and seek peace, even if for a moment.

Balasana has many modifications, should you need them, so take stock of where you are, and set yourself up to melt into the space rather than struggle with it. The last thing we want in our search for peace is a battle!

Getting into balasana:

  • Most of us come into balasana from hands and knees.
  • Allow the tailbone to drift back towards the heels. Notice your edges and how far back the body wishes to go. Using a blanket or other prop over the heels can be a useful modification.
  • If you are in need of additional space for the low back or hips, the knees can move away from the body to whatever degree feels good.
  • There are also many additions/modifications to be made with the arms should you find your calm there:
    • Arms can stay reaching overhead
    • Arms can wrap next to the body, allowing them to be heavy
    • Arms can rest, fingers interlacing in some way, on the low back
    • Arms can move from one side of the mat to the other, extending through the lateral sides of the body

Stay here for some times and notice your body coming into stillness. This process in and of itself can be a remarkable space of discovery. Cherish those moments of quiet and peace, you deserve it.