Pose of the Month: Tadasana – Mountain

When it comes to moving from a place of hope, there is a lot to be said for coming from a space of clarity and grounded vision. Such a place in an asana practice for this, is our Tadasana, or Mountain posture. Tadasna is a place where we have endless choice, opportunity and where that intention that we have set for ourselves or for our practice can move throughout our being and sink in.

Though at first glance our Mountain pose may look like a posture of rest, or one of inertia. As we know with the mountains that we enjoy exploring, they are anything but quiet. Our Tadasana is a posture of engagement, strength, and harnessing our energy. There is so much opportunity that lies within this posture, and at any moment, with any breath, we can choose where to go next. For this reason, a number of asana sequences originate and end from Tadasana, this place to begin and collect, and begin again.

To set up our Mountain posture:

  • Find yourself standing with feet about hip distance apart.
  • Feel the four corners of the feet grounding. The two sides of the balls of the feet, and the inner and outer edges of the heel.
  • Engage the quads, as though you were trying to lift the knee caps. Feel the muscles hugging the bones of the leg.
  • Allow the tailbone to drift towards the floor.
  • Feel the belly button drawing towards the spine.
  • Shoulder blades float towards one another and sink towards the floor.
  • Palms of the hands can face the thighs, or rotate and face forwards, fingers open and energized.
  • Crown of the head reaches toward the sky.
  • Play with the gaze and whether you would like that to be towards the mat, with a tuck in the chin, out in front, or with the eyes closed.

Play around with not only with variations on this grounding space, but also all the opportunities that spring forth from it. See where hope will take you today 🙂