Yogi Reads: Judgment Detox Gabrielle Bernstein

I truly had no idea when this book was recommended by a lovely fellow yogi that this would be THE intention setting book (not to say that there aren’t others)! By the time I dove into this book with purpose I had settled on my intention for 2019, and at each turn, and with each exercise Judgment Detox seemed to support and guide both the work and my intention. From my conversations with others who chose to pick up this book, others had a similar feeling. Whether you choose to join us, or tackle the work of the Detox at a later time, this was a read that we will be returning to.

Judgment Detox centers around the idea that judgments take us away from out natural desire and tendency to love. If we can lessen our response to judge we can move from a place of love, which in turn allows us to settle into a place of peace. The idea of softening and opening ourselves up to move from a place of love is not easy, and throughout the book Gabrielle Bernstein shares relatable examples of her struggles with judgement and how she came to move through this place, slowly and surely to a place of love and forgiveness.

This book outlines six steps to move through in order, at first, and then asks us to journal and sit with certain parts to take in the benefits, at your own pace of course 🙂 There were certain steps that I sat with for much longer than others, at times because of necessity, and others as they were newer to me! The steps are:

  1. Witness Your Judgement Without Judgement: This step involves taking an honest inventory of how and when we judge. Both externally, to people and to systems, and internally (that was a bit of a doozy). We do this step with love and authenticity. In the book there is a handy chart to break this down, and journaling exercises to follow.
  2. Honor the Wound: So much of our own judgement is a response to our own pain. We hold things in layers, often without recognizing where they come from. This step involves looking at our inventory, and using Emotional Freedom Techniques, or tapping, to work on recognizing and healing those wounds.
  3. Put Love on the Altar: Here we begin the process of surrender, and dissolving judgments. Through these spiritual practices we offer up a shift in perception. “Compassion is the antidote to judgment.”
  4. See for the First Time: Once we have practicing surrendering judgment, we can begin to see others as also reaching out, and craving love as well. When we can see people in the same light that we would like to live in and be seen, we can truly make a turn in our perception and our actions.
  5. Cut the Cords: Continuing on the path of surrender, we release our hold on separation so that we can connect with oneness again. In this portion of the practice we move through a series of meditations. There is one per day for six days, and once you have tried them, you can see which one supports your detox.
  6. Bring Your Shadows to Light: A big part of continuing on this journey and staying consistent in the practice is to practice forgiveness, towards ourselves for judgments that do come up, and of course towards others. By looking at ways in which we can notice and forgive ourselves, through accountability and softening, we can continue to be open to light and love.

This has been a powerful journey for myself, and those around me have enjoyed the journey as well. Once you have completed this process once, Gabrielle Bernstein invites you to return to the segments that you need at particular moments. If you have a need, or want, please feel free to pick up this amazing read.