Pose of the Month: Ananda Balasana – Happy Baby

February has come in as February often does in Michigan, with a force that can knock you sideways, a reminder that winter still has a ways to go. I am a February baby, and this fact has not been lost on me! Oh how I longed for a pool party or picnic! Something with warmth and light. All this to say, this a time to take care of ourselves, to honor where we are, to recognize what it is that we need, to treat ourselves with a little tenderness.

One way to move from this space is to explore our Ananda Balasana, or Happy Baby posture. This asana has so many opportunities to show our bodies “gentleness and kindness,” in both how we open the body, as well as how we offer ourselves the chance to be quiet and soft. We will describe how to come into the posture into a moment, another aspect to be mindful of, is how do we feel in this space. Take a few breaths once you find your fit, and think about how this posture supports your ability to be gentle and kind to yourself.

Coming into Happy Baby – Ananda Balasana

  • Come on to your back in a comfortable way. If needed press through the feet to align the low back on the mat in a way that works for you.
  • Inhale arms overhead, as much bend in the elbows as works for you, and exhale draw knees in towards the body.
  • Allow the hands to come to the knees, Right hand on right knew, Left hand on left knee.
  • When ready, let the knees drift away from the midline of the body.
  • You may wish to stay here, with the knees moving towards the edges of the mat.
  • Others may choose to allow the lower legs to float towards the sky, a light lift through the feet.
  • If making that choice, the hands may swing to hold behind the knees on the hamstring side of the legs. They may also find the calves, the ankles, or the feet. If available, the fingers may wrap around the big toes.
  • Some of us will sit here and breath into the posture. Taking those mindful moments. Others may choose this space to rock from side to side, massaging the low back.

Take your time in this posture. Embrace our February word of Tenderness in this space to see how we can honor ourselves in all the ways possible. It is certainly a time of need 🙂