Yoga Philosophy: The Chakras: Energy Centers and Muladhara Chakra

It has been YEARS if you can believe it 🙂 since we have visited the chakras. The chakra system is so important to the understand of much of the foundations of yoga, so we thought it would be a good time to revisit them, perhaps from a different perspective. Chakra means wheel or disc in Sanskrit and refers to these large energy centers in the body. Depending on what you are studying, these get looked at with slight differences, and do not be alarmed if you find some different perspectives and takes on this system. Recently, in teacher training, we were reviewing the Yoga Nidra book (not that there is only one!) and plopped in there was an eighth chakra. This is not something that we subscribe to in our understanding and teaching, however, we embrace what’s out there (within reason) and take in a lot of of different offerings.

We often discuss these energy centers as these powerful connections of different points of energy. So whether you are looking at Nadis, Meridians, Marma Points, many of these intersect at the Chakras, where this energy swirls around and has powerful properties.

The first Chakra, the Muladhara Chakra is all about tenderness. This energy center is located generally at the base of the tailbone. This is an area were we spend a lot of our time and energy focusing on safety and security. In this space we allow ourselves to check in and focus on our basic needs. So often in the business of our day to day, spending time and focus on this space feels like an afterthought. As we are working in a place of tenderness and self-care, we ask ourselves at this time to see how we are feeling from the perspective of meeting our basic needs. Have we gotten enough sleep? Are we hydrated? Did we speak up and express our feelings when needed?

This is also a space of grounding and reconnecting with that space of safety. Taking the time to root ourselves in our truth. To check in on our self-care plan and that we are remaining true to our vision. Allowing ourselves kindness where that is due, and also coming back to those grounding places when needed. I made myself the promise last week to run 3 times (2 down, one to go: tomorrow!) read (I have read 45 pages of one book, and re-read half of another book!), and I did NOT do my essential oil facemask… however I did do a Quench face mask with my niece and my brother and his person. So I count this week as a WIN. Stayed true to that vision, gave myself the kindness I needed when there were a few emergencies, and held to it. Because we are worth those spaces of refuge!