Yoga Benefits – Resilience at ALL levels.

A few weeks ago we discussed Resilience Stew, or those core components that make up resilience:

  • Self-efficacy- Believing in one’s own capacity to handle challenges
  • Self-awareness- being open and curious
  • Emotion Regulation- looking at regulating emotions/impulses and behaviors to achieve goals.
  • Growth Mindset- looking at setbacks, challenges and failures as chances for growth rather than as character defects or flaws.

Let me tell you, this has been a week when I have had to look at this stew, and think, what do I have left, what do I need, and how so I change it up… which in essence is the heart of Resilience. Last weekend I came down with shingles, which has been QUITE the experience in SO many ways.

There are so many ways that yoga, outside of postures/asanas can help us to:

  1. Build our own resilience. There is so much research being done right now about the ways to build our capacity to be and become more resilient!
  2. Sit in our own resilience.
  3. Discover our own resilience.

During this time when the physical practice of yoga has been more challenging, it is more important than every for me to remember and sink into those other 7 limbs of the yoga tree!

  • Meditation: what a great way to work on all the elements of our resilience stew. We will talk in a few weeks about my connection with the Calm app… stay tuned. Meditation builds those connections of calm and restoration in the mind. Oue emotion regulation is built in meditation, and our ability to slow down the mind, when it so eagerly wants to fill in the gaps and jump to conclusions.
  • Pranayama: Breathing has been my grounded space in this time. As everything wants to clench, and I question what I can handle… I am drawn back to the breath, back to the idea that there is a space to slow down, to expand in my body, to soften up. There are so many types of pranayma that connect with these various elements of Resilience. I am throwing out a few here, and we’d love to hear yours!
    • Self-efficacy: Ujjayi Breath
    • Self-Awareness: Three Part Breath, Diaphragmatic Breathing
    • Emotion Regulation: (All 🙂 j/k : Anuloma Viloma/Alternate Nostril Breathing, Bhramari Breath/Bee Breath.
    • Growth Mindset: Breath of Joy, Kapalabhati Breath/Skull Shining Breath, Bhastrika Breath/Bellows Breath
  • Concentration: Such a large part of sitting in our own resilience is concentration and recognizing how much depth we have. Just when we think that if one more thing comes are way we are going to crumble, and then it does, and we don’t.

Take some time this week to focus on all the ways you have tapped into your own resilience this week. I know I have been pleasantly surprised! I hope you are too.