Yoga Philosophy: 4th Chakra – Anahata

You may ask yourself, what does my heart chakra have to do with discipline. Many of us like to imagine our hearts as being softer places, or are working in that direction. I think that the work it takes to keep an open heart, and to keep this space open and available to others take a lot of work, a lot of the components of discipline. Four common components of developing self-discipline are:

  • Intention: setting a clear message that our hearts, and the beautiful energy contained therein is meant to be shared. Being open and vulnerable take will and intention.
  • Attention: being mindful of our hearts when they are full and open. Also to what are the signs of when we begin to close up. Paying attention to those signs so that we can take care of ourselves, and determine what our course of action will be.
  • Repetition: It is so easy to slip back into old patterns. For those of us who have been hurt (I would imagine that has been most of us) it is often easier to have a closed heart. These messages of openness and willingness to reach out to people are that which we need to come back to.
  • Guidance: As we so often note, we are a community. Seeking guidance from one another to help us to stay open is a beautiful thing. Seeking support when we don’t know the way is a beautiful thing. We offer what we can when we can, and we are able to be both the giver and the receiver.

A good exercise is to be mindful of everytime you notice yourself closing off, or retreating when it comes to being open with the heart. [my social worker also wants to remind all of us that good boundaries are loving and compassionate, so this is not a total open door policy]. To note and journal these instances, and how we reacted to these. In Judgement Detox (our last Book CLub Read!) Gabby Bernstein provides wonderful guidance for how to grid and note our own judgements, which are so often based on feelings of hurt. I would highly recommend this as a way to dive deeper into this topic if you so choose.

We are worth an open heart, and others deserve to see and know our authentic selves. And… we acknowledge these things take work! Let’s see what we can accomplish with the support of one another.