Pose of the Month: Reverse Plank – Purvottanasana

June is all about trust! What that focus means to you, will be part of your journey. Trust is defined as, “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.” Within the journey of yoga, there are so many places to both explore trust and to build trust. One such way that we can start to explore trust from an asana perspective is through Reverse Plank or Purvottanasana.

This posture explores trust in several ways. It allows us to explore the opening of the heart, and how we look at the opening of the front side of the body as well as the heart. In addition to allowing us to mindfully open the heart, this posture opens up the body, that for some, is quite vulnerable. We have the option to tip the head back or not, allowing the body to extend, which also leaves us open and quite trusting.

Coming into Purvottanasana, Reverse Plank:

  • From a seated space, place the hands behind the body. Wrist positioning is up to you. For some fingers facing the body is best for the wrists, for others it is fingers away from the body.
  • When beginning it is often nice to start from a reverse table.
  • Bring the feet near the glutes, and with hands and feet planted, on an inhale, lift up.
  • When starting you may only go so high. This is okay, as this is an unusual way for the body to move and open to begin with.
  • If you find that the hips come parallel (roughly) to the abdomen and you feel like extending a leg, or both legs, give it a try.
  • Make certain that wherever you are you are lifting through the shoulders and the heart.
  • You may also start with legs extended and press through the grounded heels and hands to lift the body off the ground.
  • Breath where you are for a few breaths and lower down.
  • Allow yourself to roll through the wrists a few times, and perhaps go again.

Breath into the space that feels open, and trust that you are finding and discovering the right place to be.