Yoga Philosophy: Trust and the 4th Chakra

We are wrapping up our month devoted to Trust this weekend. As some of us have been working on, this is a both an internal and external process, and depending on the day, we may be more challenged by one than the other. 

A key part of this exploration is an opening of the Anahata Chakra, or the 4th Chakra. This energy center is critical in our ability to trust both ourselves and those around us. Being willing and able to bring things in with an open heart is key to our ability to see and hear the truth, to develop that witness self, and ultimately to connect with that true nature. 

We are hoping to embark on a meditation challenge coming in the next few days or weeks! From my perspective, this idea took a lot of trust, and opening the heart. I believe in meditation, I love meditation. I am also incredibly hard on myself about meditation, as I have historically has some high expectations. 

Following an AMAZING 4 Desires Workshop with Laurie Dean, I have decided to take the leap, and give myself the permission to be open hearted and trust the process.. And perhaps more importantly, to trust myself. There are very few expert meditators. And those people most likely put in the time. They opened themselves us to the process and put in the practice. Being open to what may happen, and trusting that there are days that work, and days where all the distractions check in with the mind (and even the body!) 

As we look forward to a Verapose meditation challenge, can you open the heart and consider this opportunity to offer yourself a chance for peace, stillness and engagement with the practice?! I haven’t missed a day yet 🙂 and wow has been up and down, and all the great, and an occasional dog jumping in my lap. We cannot wait to hear your tales of meditation, of distraction, of engaging boldly with the process!