Pose of the Month: Vrikasana – Tree

This month we are looking at the ways that we can CELEBRATE! Celebration by definition is “the action of marking one’s pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social, activity.” As so many of us know, when the Yoga House was created, there was a LOT of celebration on the brain. This idea that when one of us has the opportunity to celebrate ourselves, and to share the joy with one another, we all benefit. We hope that you have come to find the Yoga House a place of celebration, a place to share your victories, and even your defeats in a place that helps to support and to lift. For this week, let’s find a place to celebrate!

An asana that is both a place of grounding and lift, and a place to explore the celebration in challenge is our amazing Vrikasana! Balance postures are a beautiful way of celebrating where we are in a particular moment. Each moment changes with our sense of balance and how we are able to play with it, and learn and grow.. What a thing to celebrate!

Coming into Tree:

  • Find a grounded space with soft knees. 
  • Engage the glutes and the core to set your stability across the body. 
  • Locate a drishti point, a place of focus for both the eyes and the intention. 
  • Allow yourself to feel a lift through the crown of the head as you work to raise the heel of a foot. The whole foot may come off the ground today, it may not. 
  • If you find the lift or not, the knee can open itself away from the body. 
  • With the foot floating off the mat, if it finds itself there, allow it to rest on the grounded leg, avoiding the knee, so as not to pressure the join. 
  • Feel your energy moving towards the center of the body and maintain the breath. 
  • Hand can remain on the hips, float to heart center, or overhead, whatever connects with celebration of the day. 
  • Take some breaths and allow yourself to challenge and to settle when and where appropriate. 

Vrikasana is a classic and a favorite for many reasons, and one of those being the opportunities it affords us to find those moments to celebrate. Let’s share some this month 🙂