Yoga Benefits: Celebrating the Now

So often when we arrive on our mats, or our cushions, we take a moment to take stock. Often times we will take a peek at both areas of dukha, those areas of holding-or barriers-in the body, as well as areas of sukha those spaces within that are at ease, that feel joyful, that feel peaceful. This concept of taking note, or observing that space within ourselves is an important part of our overall awareness, and development of our sense of self. 

This process may lead us to a deepening of our current practice, or it may lead us to change our approach. And as this month, we are seeking out opportunities to celebrate, let’s look for those sort of opportunities! In our observations, at times we want to focus on surrender, shedding that which holds us so that we are FREE to celebrate. At other times we want to expand those spaces that already exist! And, as there is always the option to balance, to find that happy medium. At the Yoga House we offer SO many ways to celebrate the now, and perhaps there are some that you haven’t thought about lately, so a little reminder!

  • Pranayama: so often we forget the WIDE variety of breath practices available to us that anchor us to a moment. Perhaps look at deepening or coming back to an old favorite. 
  • Reiki: allow yourself the space to invite in healing energy. You deserve it. 
  • Asana: if you are a die-hard Vinyasa person, perhaps trying out a Yin class, or visa versa. There is such celebration in new perspective. 
  • Sound Healing: both within Crystal Bowls or Gond Paradise offer such a supportive place of ease for ALL of us to gain or surrender something. 
  • Meditation: we are kicking off the Meditation Challenge! One YEAR… we believe in you that is for SURE. And what a thing to celebrate together. We know that collectively we can do amazing things. 

In our pursuit of celebration this month can we all try something a little bit different? Can we journey there in a new way? Let’s let each other know!