Yoga Philosophy: Seventh Chakra

Well… isn’t this some fantastic timing! Our month of celebration wraps up with a look at our highest Chakra, our place to connect with bliss, and with our own unending peace 🙂 For many of us, this may feel a little bit like a stretch goal… whether we are getting ready for back to school, dealing with life stressors, or preparing for seasonal or life transitions, this may not SEEM like the best time to sit with our most peaceful and quiet natures. 

I would challenge that, and I think all of us at Verapose would state, in one way or another, that the times that seem the most hectic, are the times when quiet serves us the most. When we are most able to celebrate those moments of solitude and quiet, when that joy of the sliver of peace jumps off the page. Recently at Verapose we had an Anne Lamont quote on our board, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” Taking the time to seek out and set ourselves up for silence can be incredibly challenging in the best of times, it does take dedication! We understand that. We often need to seek out that time, and dedicate ourselves to IT. 

As we’ve been discussing, all roads/limbs of yoga lead to this Seventh Chakra space, the Sahasrara space. Reaching an ability to connect with the silence and peace that comes with opening and softening into the energy of this space takes practice!

Some ways that we LOVE to find time and space to work on opening our Seventh Chakra are:

  • Savasana: please five yourself the GIFT of savasana! When people dart out before savasana: it makes us sad :(. This time is such an important part, if not the most important part of the practice. 
  • Yoga Nidra: this conscious sleep space is SO beneficial for all of us. It can help us restore and relax, find focus and embrace our goal setting. There are yoga nidras out there to try. Some will resonate, and others will not, try a few, and please come to a Yoga Nidra in a class setting to get the full shared experience!
  • Meditation: as we’ve been, and will continue to do so, we are exploring a LOT of ways to move through meditation, and try various techniques to find one that works for you! Stick with those explorations, and when one holds, and provides you with space… keep it UP!

This seventh chakra is said to connect us with our own limitless nature, and I have a feeling right now, many of us could benefit from that feeling. Let’s celebrate our own peaceful nature moving into September.