An Abundance of Energy: The Pranamaya Kosha

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October 27, 2016
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November 10, 2016
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An Abundance of Energy: The Pranamaya Kosha

pranayama-koshaLast month we discussed the layers of our being that we work through to reveal our truth, termed in yogic texts as the Koshas. This month, our month to turn our attention towards the abundance all around us, and specifically today, within the energy layer of our being. So often throughout our days we are knocked into tuning into that energy layer of our bodies, whether it is a deep sigh that pulls as back into the breath, or slumping into a chair and taking a break. Other days we have the opposite experience, we feel inspired, and charged up, ready to tackle projects head on. This observation of our energy states is so important to our own journey, both on and off the mat.

Though these observations, comes the opportunity to make changes to that energy layer, should we choose. We have offered many pranayama practices, which directly and quickly tap into the energy layer of our being. The root word Prana means LIFEFORCE in Sanskrit and is the energy of the universe that sustains us all. So one way that we have to offer to ourselves a connection with our pranamaya kosha is through our awareness and play of the breath.

Another energy area that we have discussed throughout previous blogs, and in classes, is the Chakra system of energy wheels or discs in the body. These 7 swirling energy focus areas in the body are locations in the body where energy lines in the body cross, creating powerful connections and opportunities for both holding and growth. In our yogic texts the hope is that through purifying energy and moving up through the chakras, this purified energy can assist in the clearing of the mind so that we may be free of this earthly suffering.

On the mat energy lines are a beautiful way to tune into your postures and see if you can find how energy is constantly flowing through your body, assisting in the process of both lifting, and letting go. In each of our postures the connection of the breath to the body is an important way to further tune into the beautiful depths of yourself, and to find those quiet nooks and crannies that are always there available to us.