August 2, 2018

Adventures in Yoga Teaching

Welcome to August, our month of Adventure! I love a good adventure 🙂 As you hopefully have seen on Facebook, and through our e-mail, we are embarking are MANY adventures. Tonight our Yoga and Meditation House opens! This new space opens us ALL up for many possibilities and adventures. We […]
July 26, 2018

Yoga Philosophy: The Tree of Avidya: Raga:Desire

As we continue our exploration of that which gets in the way of our own delight, we move into the realm of desire. These pairings were not planned out, and are a nice fit 🙂 So many of us, often (okay maybe a LOT) myself included, desire and delight are […]
July 20, 2018

Yogi Reads – The Book of Joy

On July 18th, 1918, Nelson Mandela was born. A man, a leader, who had every reason to turn his rage and his oppression into something dark. After serving 27 years in prison, Nelson Mandela chose to leave back-breaking work and unbelievable trauma and turn this experience into forgiveness and joy […]
July 13, 2018

Yoga Benefits: Posture!

There are those that joke that I drive like the Queen. And, certainly, since embarking on this extended yoga journey, I do sit more upright :). I have learned to take this more as a compliment than a jab, as over my time with yoga my posture has become less […]
July 6, 2018

Pose of the Month Ardha Chandrasana: Half Moon

Welcome to our month of Delight! Delight is to “please greatly.” Take a moment to think of something that pleased you greatly, perhaps it was a moment, a taste, a person. What was it? How did it delight you? So often we get stuck with in the spaces that trouble, […]