July 29, 2016

Finding Freedom with Garudasana: Eagle Pose

This month exploring and spending time with the theme of freedom has been quite eye opening. It is amazing how allowing the awareness of our particular topics expands our ability to discover within ourselves. Even those of us with years of yoga experience find these experiences inspiring and even eye-opening. […]
July 21, 2016

Take the Chakra Test! (and all about the 6th Chakra: Ajna)

This has certainly been an energetic summer, and I know it has not just been me! With all the heat, trip, life-changes, the energy has been swirling around. There are certainly times when energy is great, where we feel a need for more of it (hello coffee), and there are […]
July 14, 2016

Meditation: On the Senses

Meditation is the keystone to any yoga practice, and whether we have 1 minute a day or 30 minutes per day, or even 30 minutes each week, finding the time and space to meditate is an important practice to cultivate.   We’ve discussed in previous blog posts the benefits of […]
July 8, 2016

Yoga Benefits: Calming Anxiety

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, the origin of the practice of yoga; defined in Yoga Sutra 1.2 is to “quiet the fluctuations of the mind.”   When the fluctuations of the mind become unmanageable, and begin to take over, and dictate our lives and our emotions, either […]
June 30, 2016

How we find freedom through the 2nd Limb of Yoga

Welcome to July! A month where we celebrate freedom at Verapose and beyond. As we will explore all month long, yoga offers so many opportunities and possibilities to explore freedom, through the calming of the mind, working with the breath and the body. In our continuing adventure through the Niyamas […]