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Yoga Philosophy: 4th Chakra – Anahata
May 17, 2019
Meditation on Forgiveness
May 23, 2019
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Carter Scott

Carter has been practicing yoga since 1995. The physical practice of Ashtanga helped him repair his body from countless injuries while playing hockey, football and racing motorcycles. In 2002, after making his first feature documentary film “ONE,” Carter’s focus shifted to the spiritual dimension in yoga. While making the movie, he spent three years with some of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers, authors and icons such as Deepak Chopra, Robert Thurman, RamDas and Thich Nhat Hanh to name a few. Their teaching, wisdom and insight gave Carter a bridge to link the body with the mind and spirit. He then began learning the classic eight-limbed path of ashtanga by legendary yogini Beryl Bender Birch in 2005 and, with the encouragement of Beryl, he started teaching right away.
Carter incorporates his experience as an athlete into the physical practice of the traditional asana. In his teachings, Carter’s spiritual insight is woven in with every-day stories, events, humor and practical applications. Carter offers a safe space for self exploration with a strong focus on body awareness.
A Michigan native, artist, writer and an independent filmmaker, Carter has made Ann Arbor his home since 2012. He currently teaches throughout Ann Arbor, offering classes, workshops, events and weekend retreats at different studios and companies. Carter’s portfolio includes a variety of styles, ranging from hatha and vinyasa to yin, flow and restorative.

In his own words…

The 3 words to describe me are … Creative, Connected, Caring ….Carter

My favorite quote is … By Socrates ”I drank what?” ….. I’m joking.

Live everyday like it is your last, one day you’ll be right.” ….. No, I’m kidding!

“If you meet the Buddha on the road kill him” By Zen Master Linji,… Yes, this is the one.

Lately I’m inspired … By the chaos in the world.

My favorite style to teach is … Hatha Flow