Finding Peace Through Reiki

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December 3, 2015
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December 17, 2015
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Finding Peace Through Reiki


Reiki came into my life at just the right time.

My twin (premature) babies were freshly off of their supplemental oxygen and yet their colicky ways were still haunting me, my husband and … our poor duplex neighbor at the time.

I was desperate for a way to console them.  My days in college working at a health food store inspired me to try a multitude of natural remedies.  …. However NOTHING seemed to work.

My sanity was literally to the breaking point, regular panic attacks and difficulty keeping weight on … led me to venture into the world of Reiki – to finally see what all the hype was about.

The health food store in college introduced me to a slew of light workers who did “energy” work – from Chi Gong, to Reiki practitioners, to Clairvoyants.

I knew these people very well, I hung out at their homes, I received “energy” from them professionally and informally, and I regularly picked their brains about this ‘energy’ that I was experiencing.

An enormous light bulb went off when I became attuned to Reiki.  I finally understood.  I got it.

Little did I know that the energy I had been experiencing second hand all those years was already flowing through me; being attuned to Reiki simply amplified it (exponentially!).

Reiki opens up the practitioner and the recipient to a gentle, healing form of energy work that is both mysterious and practical.  I fall asleep every night by warming myself up with Reiki and readily give it to friends and family (and clients!) who may need a minute or two for a specific ailment or to just relax.

I’ve even found that giving Reiki to others relaxes me profoundly – or can also be energizing.  If I’ve woken up at night and can’t sleep I’ll focus on giving Reiki to my unassuming hubbie and find that sleep usually comes at light speed.

I’ve been doing this for almost 12 years (yes, my former baby boys are approaching 12 in a couple months!) and the more I do it – the more I realize how right my teacher, Ray, was – there’s no way we can fully understand the miraculous power of the energy – to both the recipient and the practitioner.

So, it’s our job to relax, to let if flow and to let the magic happen…. 

If you’re interested in receiving Reiki and experiencing the miraculous benefits first hand, please contact me at to schedule a session.  And, if you’re living afar – we can still schedule a session and I will simply send it to you remotely.