Frequently Asked Questions


What is yoga?

Yoga is the art and practice of self-realization. Our philosophy at Verapose is less about what you look like in the poses, but rather your internal experience.

What is the origin of the name Verapose?

Vera is the Latin feminine expression for truth. Pose is synonymous with stance. We at Verapose help our yogis find their “True Stance”.

What makes Verapose unique?

We are a small, community based, welcoming studio. We do not teach yoga from a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe that everyone is beautifully unique with specific needs. We like to get to know our yogis. We have a welcoming warm group – both instructors and students – who build community through a shared love of yoga and mindfulness. We focus on meditation as an important, integral part of our yoga practice. We are not just a yoga studio – we offer private classes, workshops (which vary monthly from our regular acupuncture and restorative yoga, to anxiety and depression sessions, to essential oils), and Reiki (including certification for 1st and 2nd level energy work). We have a small retail shop offering oils and locally made healing balms – salves and moisturizers.

Shared Space-Space Rental-Verapose Cooperative

We have space to rent to groups for various functions – meetings, showers, dance parties. Also, we will soon be launching our NEW Verapose Cooperative. Just ask us for more information!

Our space – a beautiful historic house dated from 1877 – has character with an upbeat modern vibe with Zen qualities. We think you’ll feel right at home here!

What do the letters and numbers next to the instructors’ names mean?

These are designations for specific yoga certification. Official certification is bestowed by the Yoga Alliance, a nonprofit organization which is the #1 overseeing accreditation group for yoga professionals. RYT stands for Registered Yoga Teacher, designated as 200 or 500 hours of certification training. If there is an E before RYT – E-RYT – that means the person has completed thousands of hours of teaching and can potentially teach others to become a certified yoga instructor. RYS means Registered Yoga School, which we are, after much effort. As of January 2018, we are both a registered yoga school and CE provider – YACEP.

What do the different classes and styles mean? How do I know which class is for me?

A list of Class Descriptions is on the Class Page.

What can I expect in a yoga class?

We typically begin class on the floor in a comfortable position, either on the mat or on a yoga prop – bolster or blanket. We first enjoy some centering time with breathing techniques which calm and steady the mind and body. We then warm up and flex the spine in many directions, which has multiple benefits as well. From a seated position, we might move onto the hands and knees and/or come to a standing posture. Then, depending on the style of class, the focus is either on lengthening the body or building stamina, but either way the end result produces an overall sense of wellbeing. In closing, all practices end in Savasana (pronounced Sha-va-sa-na), during which we lay in a relaxed reclining posture for approximately 10 minutes. This allows all participants to seal and feel the immediate benefits of the practice.

What does my fitness level need to be?

We have classes for everyone! All body types and ages considered.

What if I have physical limitations?

All body types are represented. And we welcome adults of all ages. Kids age 10 and above may join our adult classes with an accompanying guardian. As for physical limitations, we have a handicap accessible ramp in the rear of the yoga house. This door is usually locked so please contact us if you need to enter this way.

If I am new to class, will the instructors explain the poses and terms?

YES. After telling your instructor that you are brand new to yoga or to this studio they will make sure that you understand and grasp the information. Our studio is perfect for the yoga newbie or for those interested in deepening their current practice.

What do I need to bring to class? Are mats available? What kind of props do you use? What should I wear?

Bring your yoga mat, or you may use ours. Yoga props – bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps – are available to all who may need to deepen their practice with them, and/or if the instructor incorporates them into poses. Wear clothing that allows you to move freely.

What is the temperature of the studio? Ambience?

Temperature is comfortably between 72 and 76 degrees. The studio is bright and airy and clutter free. High windows allow us to admire the seasons!

How many people are usually in each class?

A typical class is 6 to 15 participants.

Are there classes for men?

We welcome all men who want to participate in any or all of our classes. Yoga at one time was practiced only by men!

What etiquette is expected of class members?

Be on time. Leave shoes at door – socks or barefoot. Please refrain from wearing strong perfume or cologne. If you use/borrow our mats, please clean them after. Please silence phones. Tell your instructors if you have any health concerns they need to be aware of. Be courteous to others if you need to make room for them when space is restricted. And, please register before coming to class.

How do I sign up for classes?

You can sign up either of two ways:

Website: Look for the Classes tab and choose the class you are interested in. Next to the class there is a “SIGN UP” button where you can enroll. You enter your user name (your email) and a password** (if you are signing up for the first time the password needs to include one capital letter and one number), then you’ll be prompted to choose a payment. You can either choose the size package you would like (see below), or if you already have a package, each time you sign in your class will be deducted automatically.

**Please note: If you can’t remember your password please do not create another account – ask for password assistance when you come to the studio or contact us.

MindBody app: This free app is available on your iPhone or Android. Once downloaded, you will look for fitness classes then search geographically for Dexter Michigan, within 5 miles. Verapose Yoga will then populate. Click on our logo, then use the same user name and password that you created on the website and sign in similarly. The advantage of the app is that you don’t need to sign in with your username and password each time. Once signed in, you will stay. You can also look at your class packages and expirations dates on that site.

Do I have to sign up for a specific group of classes or can I drop in to any one of them?

We highly recommend pre-registration and sign-up online! If you have a class card or unlimited pass you may come to any class. Registering for a series is not necessary.

How do I pay for classes?

As a small business, we appreciate cash and checks however we do accept credit cards. You can pay for classes as you drop in. Or, you can purchase class cards – specials expire 2 months after purchase, regular cards expire at 3 months. If you plan to attend more than one class per week, it is most economical to purchase the unlimited option. Unlimited memberships are automatically charged monthly to your credit card.

If I buy a class card, can I extend it if it is expired?

Only for extenuating circumstances. We are a small business and as such we need to adhere to this policy.

If I can’t make a workshop can I get a refund?

Not usually. A lot of time and energy goes into preparing for workshops and we need to be certain of attendance. However, this is the one exception where we will allow you to gift the workshop to someone else if you cannot attend.

Where do I park? What door do I come in?

Parking is available on the street around the Yoga House. Parking in the rear is limited to staff only. Please enter through the front door.

When does Verapose cancel classes?

Classes are cancelled when Dexter Schools are closed for weather conditions. In that case, an email will go out to those registered with Verapose. Occasionally, other classes may be cancelled, for example during or around holidays. The best way to be sure that classes are being held is to register before you come. If the class you are interested is cancelled it will be listed as such on the web site and on the MindBody app. If you have already registered for class, you will receive notice via email that it’s cancelled.