Inspired by Our Inner Wisdom: Vijnanamaya Kosha

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January 5, 2017
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January 19, 2017
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Inspired by Our Inner Wisdom: Vijnanamaya Kosha

inner wisdomAs  we move our way deeper into the layers of our being, we move from the body, breath and mind and into the wisdom layer of the self.

Upon first glance, this layer of exploration is often confused with the Manomayakosha, or the monkey mind.

Whereas the Manomayakosha is the mind that thinks, and engages in thoughts, the Vijanamayakosha is the area of our selves that is able to notice the thoughts.

We explore this layer of our being most often in meditation.

In fact, mindfulness meditation is based on the idea that we notice the thoughts that present themselves to us, floating or racing into the monkey mind, and working in our ability to let them go.

This exploration into the Vijanamayakosha is one that many of us are hesitant to take, though the benefits are still being discovered! (Join us for March yogi reads to learn even MORE about the benefits)

Through this quieting of the mind, and viewing ourselves as the observer, we have the ability to see what it is that we will be inspired by in this moment, or on this day.

It is really quite something what we can find in a few moments of silence.

An exercise in mindfulness:

Find a comfortable seat. Allow the eyes to close. Come into relaxed breath. Imagine yourself on a beach, the waves gently flowing in and out. If your mind wanders from either the breath or the visual image, let go of judgements, and allow it to return. If this is comfortable, stay in this space. If you’d like to move on, as a word floats into your mind, picture it being written into the sand, right near the waters edge. Then with the next wave (or exhale) allow that word to gently be swept away. See if the time between writing in the sand lengthens as you develop this practice.
How has observing your thoughts inspired you today?