Meditation: Body Scan

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January 3, 2020
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January 17, 2020
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Meditation: Body Scan

Welcome to meditation in 2020! You may find that there is not much different than 2019 and you may find that you are open to new experiences and opportunities. Maybe there is a way to think about how meditation can support your intention for the year, and your truth. Our Verapose theme for the month of January is Truth. 

As we have discussed, there are many paths to our own personal truth, to that collective consciousness that we as a studio are engaging with in this Year Long Meditation Challenge. Through meditation we have the opportunity to quiet the mind, and to find our own way to our personal truth. As some, if not many, of us have discovered, this place of discovery is not always easy or comfortable. It is however a beautiful journey. We have enjoyed so thoroughly this first 5 months of Meditation Challenge, and look forward to where else we can go, both inward and outward. 

This month, we are exploring our meditation practice through a body scan. Through our use of scans of the body we can increase our own awareness of the Self (the Big S Self!). This awareness has unknowable benefits! Of course we know some 🙂 We know that this increased awareness connects us to our practice, makes us aware of our responses to stress, promotes our ability to return to rest and relaxation, and ultimately brings us closer or in contact with our own truth. 

To start:

  • Find a very comfortable position. The more places that we can allow muscles to relax the more effective our scan will be. 
  • Use supports, props, what we need. 
  • Remind ourselves that this is meditation, not sleep, so we do what to remain aware through the process (somedays easier than others!)
  • Start either at the crown of the head or the feet. 
    • Head: We often start at the crown of the head and move towards the feet when we are feeling restless. When we want to move ourselves into a grounded space. 
    • Feet: We often start at the feet when we are feeling sluggish and want to draw upon a lifting energy. 
    • Undecided: Start at the feet. This is a very balanced and connected way to move through the body, make yourself familiar, and then switch once you start to become aware of those differences and needs. 
  • Slowly move through the body part by part, checking in on how things are feeling. Notice spaces that feel light and spacious, as well as those that feel tight and constricted. Some days you may choose to do these simultaneously, while other days it may make sense to complete one sweep on the side of joy and the other on the side of opportunity. 
  • See how you can offer breath to these areas. 
  • Be kind to yourself and kind to the body during this time. At times we will find the space to soften, and others we will be finding the space to notice. They are both SO valuable. 

We will be completing a lovely two directional body scan as well as other body scan techniques this evening at our Monthly Meditation! It will be lovely 🙂