Meditation of the Month: Lovingkindness!

Pranayama: Breath of Joy
August 23, 2019
Pose of the Month – Adho Mukha Svanasana
September 13, 2019
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Meditation of the Month: Lovingkindness!

Last month, to kick off our time with Meditation and our year long challenge we brought ourselves into the breath. This month we are going to step it up a bit, and really move ourselves into the deeper realms of meditation. This month, as we prepare, or move into a space that begins to connect us to the collective consciousness, we begin the exploration of Lovingkindness. 

In studying the concept of Lovingkindness through the readings and presentations of Sharon Salzberg, she discusses that the term, Love would be more appropriate, though we often all have different associations and perceptions of the word love. For those of us who have practiced any form of open-hearted meditation practice, it can be challenging. Allowing ourselves to move from a space of openness, both towards ourselves and towards others takes courage, kindness and compassion. 

Our lovingkindness meditation that we draw from Sharon Salzberg’s Real Happiness though you will find variations of Lovingkindness Meditations in a variety of texts and guided meditations on a wide range of platforms. Find one that works for you! 

May I Be Safe

May I Be Happy

May I Be Healthy

May I Live with Ease

May You Be Safe

May You Be Happy

May you Be Healthy

May You Live with Ease

May We Be Safe

May We Be Happy 

May We Be Healthy

May We Live with Ease

We often spend a few rounds of the offer to ourselves, then move on to others. That YOU may be a general you, or it may be a you that is highly specific 🙂 This may be something that conjures up an emotional experience for you, and we hope to get into a space where we into a space where we can sit with that. If you are interested in learning more about Lovingkindness and avenues for meditation on the Subject you can join us on Friday September 13th from 7-8!