Meditation on the Breath: Location

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July 26, 2019
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August 9, 2019
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Meditation on the Breath: Location

Welcome to our first month of the Year Long Meditation Challenge! The description, as laid out by the Himalayan Institute is stunning:

“We want to change the world… Let’s create a brighter future together and raise collective consciousness through the power of group practice.”

This is an opportunity for us to join together to heal ourselves, and work together to create a community that embodies all that we believe. Think of some of what you value, and I imagine that meditation will help you./us to get their. At Verapose we value community, support, a sense of belonging, purpose, clarity, love… and so much more (these are just a few!) that we hope to develop and nurture through our Year Long Meditation Challenge. 

Month One! Meditation on the Breath: Location. As we discussed in our Intro blog post, many of our meditations will focus on the breath, as it is the Superhero of Superheros when it comes to meditation. This month, we will be focusing on where and how we are feeling the breath within the body. This practice can seem SO simple, and yet it is so effective, and is something we come back to over and over again. 

Find your comfortable space and seat, and allow the eyes to close or to soften. Take a few deep breaths to set up the space and note how you are feeling. Gently allow the breath to soften to the place that feels steady and comfortable. Take a few breaths to find the spot within the body where you are feeling the breath most intensely in this moment. This could be anywhere from the rims of the nostrils to the base of the lungs, to anywhere in between. Each time we sit down to meditate, this location will be slightly different. Take the time to notice. Some days allowing the mind to locate this spot and find the breath flowing over this space is all that we need. 

Other days we may want to explore how the breath feels as it travels over the days particular location. Is it warm or cool? Shallow or deep? Smooth or ragged?  When we take this space to notice, we want to do so from a place of neutrality, and without judgement. Whatever is going on with the breath is what is going on. We want to notice it, and allow it. Every day, and in fact, every breath is a chance to be in a softer space with ourselves and with the breath. In addition, each breath gives us the space to settle into our values. And to start we pay attention to how the breath moves within our own bodies. 

Let’s start off the year RIGHT!