Pose of the Month: Dandasana

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January 10, 2020
Yoga Benefits: Finding your Truth
January 24, 2020
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Pose of the Month: Dandasana

When many of us hear the word “Truth” we often have very specific images that pop into our minds. For me it’s Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men responding to Tom Cruise’s “I want the TRUTH!” with “You can’t handle the truth…” There was a time in my life when I had that whole run down memorized, likely for a host of reasons, one of them certainly being, we have a fascination with the truth. And Jack Nicholson in the beginning of that speech is measured, and escalates as he describes all the ways that he believes we can’t handle the truth. 

Well, in yoga, we believe that our own connection to OUR truth is incredibly powerful. There are those deep places, and yes Colonel Jessup, maybe we don’t talk about them at parties, where our own truth is running wild and free. How often do we take the time to look and listen to that space? We, at Verapose, embarked on a Year Long Meditation Challenge to explore just that. What we ALL began to connect with is our true nature. What a powerful thing!

A powerful and steady posture to help us come into a place of recognizing our own truth is an oldie and goodie. It is Dandasana, or Staff Pose. Dandasana is a posture that may look easy, and is not, which often reflects the idea of coming into our own truth, seems easy, and is NOT. Though we may at times look effortless in our staff pose, there are a lot of connected elements at play. So let’s explore Dandasana this month, and see how we may be able to connect this pose to our own pursuit of that true self. 

Coming into Dandasana:

  • Find a comfortable seated posture. For some of us that will be utilizing a blanket or bolster to aid in our pelvic tilt, helping us to elongate the spine. 
  • Extend the legs. Some of us will allow the feet to touch here, while others will have some spacing available to us. 
  • Bring some flexion to the feet, drawing the toes towards the body, engaging the tops of the legs. Be mindful in this engagement not to lock the knees. 
  • Engage both the abdomen and the back body to lift through the crown of the head, utilizing the muscles to lift tall through the spine. 
  • In some variations we may want to press into the floor with the hands. In order we may want to rest the hands on the thighs, connecting with that engagement. 

Feel the length of the breath in this space. Notice how the body feels. Where does it feel engaged? Where does it feel at ease? Allow ourselves to really sink in here. Enjoy the space, and see if we can come into the breath as we would in meditation. If this is not a truth finder posture for you that is okay, use it how it works for you! Enjoy.