Pose of the Month: Deviasana- Goddess

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May 18, 2016
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Pose of the Month: Deviasana- Goddess

Steph's GoddessThere are so many forms of energy to play with in yoga.

In some practices we we choose to explore adding energy to the body through creating heat and fire to the body.

There are days and practices where we choose to venture into the cooling energy of the body and the breath, preparing our bodies for rest.

One beautiful way that we connect with energy within in yoga is to play with the lines of energy that engage with a particular posture.

In our pose of the month, Deviasana or Goddess we have the opportunity to both add heat and fire and play with lines of energy.

Deviasana on it’s own is a very powerful pose.

One that engages all segments of the body, and invites those lines of energy to flow together towards the core, where they build the heat with the connection of the breath.

We also have the option of connection our Goddess to a Five-Pointed Star to venture out to capture energy from the universe and invite in into the body.

This flow, using the inhale to expand, reaching through those lines of energy, reaching high; using the exhales to gather that captured energy and pulling it deep into the body.

To set-up your Deviasana:

  • Step the feet out a little beyond shoulder width. This distance will be different for everyone, so try different placements.
  • Angle the feet out. When we bend our knees, we want our knees to track over our own ankles, so everyone’s foot angle will be slightly different as well.
  • For Deviasana, on an exhale we will bend through the knees taking ourselves into a squat position, as deep as we’d like.
  • The arms can inhale up to a cactus position. Keep the arms engage, using that line of energy to keep the posture strong through the arms as well. (as pictured!)
  • To add a flow with the breath, use the inhale to straighten both the arms and the legs (without locking the knees). Exhale return to the squat position. Repeat for a few breaths.

Benefits of Goddess Posture:

  • Great for strengthening muscles which support the joints, primarily knees and ankles.
  • Increases circulation to the core, supporting the vital organs.
  • Improves balance.
  • Provides connection with our own sense of power.