Pose of the Month: Dolphin

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July 5, 2019
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July 19, 2019
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Pose of the Month: Dolphin

Looking to the definition of Spontaneity may not feel like the most spontaneous thing that we could do to start our exploration of our theme through asana. That said, it is as good a place to start as any. Spontaneous is defined as “performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.” And… low and behold, this is a beautiful connection to the practice of yoga. So many of us put up barriers and blocks to our own intuition, and resist the temptation to follow our spontaneous inclinations. There are many aspects of yoga that tackle this… one being the Four Desires retreat with Laurie, what a GIFT. Another is through asana, and this month we will be exploring Dolphin!

Dolphin posture may not be one that you impulsively find yourself seeking out in your home practice (or maybe you DO!). Dolphin is a great transition space, a grounding and strengthening space, and holds a host of options to play with once you are in the posture. 

Coming into Dolphin:

  • Start on hands and knees. 
  • Come down to the forearms, and bring the hands together. Most of us also want to bring the elbows in slightly in from under the shoulders. 
  • Bring the hands together. For some interlacing the fingers feels stable, and others the palms touching, or grounding into the mat. 
  • Feel the shoulder blades moving down the back and lift up through the back side of the heart. 
  • When ready, flip the toes, or work to flip over the feet so you are lifting off the tripod of the arms and have down dog legs. 
  • Allow the tailbone to lift towards the sky and the heart to melt towards the mat. 

Options to Play with:

  • Lift one leg and then the other. Much like a three-legged dog, a three-legged dolphin can float around however feels good. 
  • Inhale forward to a dolphin plank, exhale back to dolphin. A few of these will warm you right up. 
  • Any variation you like in down dog can be tried in a dolphin, lifting on to the balls of the feet, bending the knees, rolling through the hips. 

Be spontaneous! Add a few dolphin postures to the mix this month… maybe even with a variation or two 🙂