Pose of the Month: Inspiration from Vasisthasana

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December 29, 2016
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January 12, 2017
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Pose of the Month: Inspiration from Vasisthasana

side-plankOur theme for this month, as we prepare for our travels into 2017 is Inspiration. What will you be inspired by this year? Will it be grace? Or strength? calm or tranquility?

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you can draw inspiration from SO many places, both internally and externally. At our intention workshop later this month, we will be exploring avenues for discovering and perhaps setting a direction for this upcoming year, a year simmering with possibilities.

So often when I am looking for inspiration, I begin by looking around me… by observing. Does a particular song catch my ear, is there a color or book that I feel drawn to, a certain quote? And then in my practice as a yoga practitioner, I see how this translates into my work on the mat.

In my own search for inspiration, and in conversations with Courtney, we were drawn to Vasisthasana as our pose to kick off the New Year. Side Plank is AMAZING. It can be whatever you want it to be, much like this new year. It can be full of surrender and release, or full of energy and power. The possibilities are endless.

If you have questions about modifications, as our image for the week, is the more energetic variation of the posture, please feel welcome to ask in class.

For energized Vasisthasana:

  • From Chaturanga or Plank, bring R hand slightly toward the midline of the body.
  • Allow feet to move towards one another.
  • With an inhale, let left hand energetically move towards the sky.
  • Both feet can remain on the earth, can stack, or if you are feeling spunky the left leg can float away from the lower leg.
  • Keep the breath full and the heart shining forward.
  • Come back to Chaturanga and either take a respite in a Child’s pose, or move directly to the other side.

For a more relaxed Vasisthasana:

  • From table posture, bring R hand slightly toward midline of the body, and R knee under belly button under the body.
  • On an inhale the L hand floats toward the sky.
  • The R foot can come towards the wall behind us, becoming perpendicular to the body. This allows the torso to feel light and lifted.
  • Feel free to make adjustments until you find the right angles for your body.
  • Breath into the feeling of expansion and surrender in the body.
  • Come back to table and allow yourself to move into Child’s pose or directly to the other side, whichever feels best 🙂

If there is a posture that directly links with YOUR work for 2017, we would love to hear it. We are looking for inspiration from ALL directions!