Pose of the Month: Nataranjasana – Dancer

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February 23, 2017
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March 8, 2017
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Pose of the Month: Nataranjasana – Dancer

Our theme of the month this for March is Grace, which as a child was something my family used to call me, and with not an OUNCE of seriousness.

I had a tendency to fall, bounce off of, trip over, and knock into nearly everything. Though I cannot say that I have really grown my full out tendencies, I have certainly added some elements of grace into my repertoire.

As defined, primarily, and how we will play with Grace in one form this month is “simple elegance or refinement of movement.”

When thinking of this particular definition of Grace, our natural fit for the Pose of the Month, was Dancer, or Nataranjasana, a pose that allows us to play with our own simple elegance and to slow down and practice the refinement of balance postures.

As with all balance postures, there is a need to connect deeply within, and to hone focus, while simultaneously finding a sense of freedom and flow.

As we so often discuss, balance comes to us with greater ease when we are supple and soft rather than rigid and inflexible.

Dancer is a posture that truly allows us to explore our own sense of grace as we feel comfortable from day to day and moment to moment.

When exploring a Nataranjasana, take your time. Allow this posture to make subtle adjustments and movements, expanding into the posture as you feel the asana develop.

There is SO much room to explore in a Dancer, see if you can do so with a sense of Grace.

Coming into Nataranjasana:

  • Start in a comfortable standing posture, with both feet firmly grounded, yet soft through the knees.
  • Begin to peel the left foot off the mat. Perhaps you pause here for a time, moving slowly through this process.
  • Should the left foot make its way off the mat, allow if to float towards the glute.
  • You may take the left hand and find the left foot or ankle if that is appropriate for your feelings of grace within the posture.
  • On an inhale the right hand may sweep up towards the sky, creating the sensation of grounding through the right foot and the lift through the right fingertips.
  • If it feels right, you may wish to begin to hinge at the hips.
  • Allow the left foot to press into the left hand, using that connection to feed the expansion of the posture.
  • The tipping forward of the body may continue if it feels right and fluid.

Hold for a few breaths, as long as the breath continues to flow with ease, and on an inhale allow ourselves to float our way out of this side of Dancer. As we move to the other side, be mindful. Be graceful, and allow this side to develop in its own beautiful direction and presentation.

Enjoy 🙂