Pose of the Month: Partner Twist

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January 26, 2017
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February 9, 2017
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Pose of the Month: Partner Twist

Welcome to Our Month of Connection!

During this month both on the blog and in the studio we will explore the ways in which we can discover and enhance our connections both internal and external.

We will have many ways in which to explore the word connections both on and off the mat, and as we start off our month, we will offer a suggestion that lands in both realms, with a partner pose!

Partner yoga, whether we engage in this (and other) postures with a romantic partner, a family member or friend have deep and profound benefits.

Partner yoga enhances connections within relationships, reduces barriers, provides us with an opportunity for physical touch, has the option of deepening a posture (if that is what we are looking for 🙂 ), increasing trust and communication, allowing us time to focus on one another and create shared moments and memories.

This month, we have the opportunity to start with a gentle partner posture, the Seated Partner Twist, here demonstrated by friends Lauren and Stephanie (thank you beautiful yogis)!

At our Valentine’s Partner Workshop we will offer a wide variety of Partner poses for people connected in a variety of ways 🙂

To come into a Seated Partner Twist:

  • Find a comfortable seated position back to back with your partner. At times you may both want to be elevated on a blanket or prop, other times this won’t feel needed.
  • Take a few breaths to notice both your breath and that of your partner,
  • On an exhale both partner can begin twisting to the Right, allowing their right hand to come to their partner’s right thigh. [as long as not a strain on the body]
  • Your left hand can come to your right leg if available, or rest in on the lap.
  • The gaze can come over the Right shoulder if the neck is prepared for that opening.
  • Continue to connect your movement with that of your partner. Without speaking works, see if you and your partner can notice when the bodies are willing to open, and perhaps offering additional movements together.
  • See where those openings are together. See where you can find additional space through those connections.
  • When ready move to the other side.

Explore this posture at home, even at work! Try out some new connections. It is worth the risk 🙂