Pose of the Month: Pyramid- Parsvottanasana

Meditation: Resting in Awareness
October 3, 2019
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October 21, 2019
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Pose of the Month: Pyramid- Parsvottanasana

Healing is the “process of making sound or healthy again.” For some of us the idea of health seems like an elusive idea. We may have an all or nothing approach to our own sense of ease and comfort that seems so far off. We’ll talk next week about that sense of fear and aversion that leads us to resist decision making that may lead us in the direction of healing. 

We have the opportunity through meditation and asana practices (as well as other limbs of yoga) that there are ways to ease into spaces of healing. We learn so much about ourselves by taking it easy, by learning what is helpful, what is healing, and allowing things to develop. One such asana that asks that we be mindful of our own process and asks that we sit in a mindful place is Parsvottanasana or Pyramid Posture. This asana offers a place of intensity, that is felt in different places for each and every one of us 🙂 For this experience, let’s take our time and find a spot that feels healing and restorative. 

Coming into Parsvottanasana:

  • Find yourself in Tadasana:Mountain with feet hips distance apart. Engage the legs without locking the knees. 
  • When ready, step back with the Right Leg. Feet remain roughly parallel, though the distance from one another can be what works for you, in both directions. 
  • Check that both legs are extended, and knees are not locked. Allow yourself to sit for a breath in and sit with your balance.
  • When ready, inhale arms overhead. Allow the shoulder blades to remain sliding or reaching down the back. Take a breath here, breathing in up to the heart, and finding the balance once again. 
  • Inhale the breath traveling up, extending the fingertips reaching towards the sky, exhale, hinging at the hips, reach forward with the heart. 
  • For some of that place of healing, a place of honoring our edge will have the fingers reaching out front, arms parallel to the mat. 
  • Others may wish to rest the hands on the front thigh, keeping the spine long, and the heart lifted. 
  • There may be others still that may wish to find their hand to the lower leg, to blocks, or the floor. 
  • Another option, once we have sat in our awareness, is to flow with the posture. Inhale the arms overhead, exhale hinge at the hips and fold over the front leg. 
  • No matter which variation, feel the feet plugged into the mat, and balance between the front and back legs. 
  • Try to maintain an open heart, engaging the rhomboids, and the erector spinae group along the backside of the body!

See where we find the benefits, and allow ourselves to enjoy ourselves, to find space and healing in whichever large or small spaces it may lie. Maybe we will even surprise ourselves today 🙂