Pose of the Month: Reclined Pigeon

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December 6, 2019
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December 20, 2019
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Pose of the Month: Reclined Pigeon

What can be MORE relaxing than discussing our Pose of the Month ona FULL MOON Friday the 13th 🙂 Are we ready to get relaxed! (I can tell you, in Community Mental Health, and in social work in general, we need all the relaxation we can get on the full moons and the Friday the 13ths!) If you are NOT superstitious like some of us, you can rest in this relaxing posture, and perhaps even find refuge in this place. The synergy!

Our pose of the month for relaxation is our Reclined Pigeon. For many of us this posture comes in stages, and is something to explore each time we engage with the posture. When we are tempted into rushing our way into our Reclined Pigeon, can we ask ourselves to take a pause and evaluate what will lead us along the path of relaxation. In our Moving Into Stillness by Schiffman, he discusses that playing with our Minimum Edges can be just as enjoyable, and just as much a space for growth and learning as our Maximum Edges. Wherever you find that space that feels like a space to soften and release, hang out there for a few minutes. You’ve earned it. 

Coming into Reclined Pigeon:

  • Start on the back in a grounded space with the feet about hips distance apart. Find the distance for the right foot from the glutes that feels good for you. 
  • In a way that is comfortable, bring the left ankle to the right thigh, just below the knee. 
  • Some of us will pause right here, and perhaps play with the distance of the right foot from the body. 
  • If we wish to carry on, we can invite the left hand to the left thigh. We can pause to hold space and connect with the body. We can also apply a bit of pressure and invite the knee to drift slightly away from the torso. 
  • Some days this will be the pause point, making that connection with the body. 
  • If the mood strikes, we may wish to allow, or ask, that right foot to lift off the mat. That may be into the air and a bind, or it may come to rest on a prop. 
  • Wherever we end up, let’s give ourselves a few minutes to siiiiiink our way into this space of relaxation. Of course, we should adjust where and when we need. 

One of the wonderful things about a Reclined Pigeon is that it can be a great way to start the day, to unwind after a tough day, or if you can hide away, even for a few breaths to breath some relaxation into the moments we have! Let’s do this 🙂