Pose of the Month:Trikonasana

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October 21, 2016
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Pose of the Month:Trikonasana

trikonasana3As many of us may have experienced, there are some postures through our yoga practice that come naturally. Our bodies LOVE them. We dive into that sense of openness and experience with a joy nearly every time they are offered. There may even be a little cheer that rises up within when you when you hear either the Sanskrit or the English name :).

For SO many years, Triangle or Trikonasana was NOT one of those posture for me. When I would hear the name, my stomach would tighten, and I would think, “let’s get THROUGH this.” Luckily I was graced with an amazing teacher who transformed Triangle for me, who showed me the light and joy present in this posture, and provided me with the ability to set my body up with room to breathe. I genuinely believe that each asana outlined in yoga has that capability. The larger question is do we have the patience to explore it, to modify it, to embrace our bodies within it?

If Trikonasana fits more for you in the first paragraph, enjoy :), if it’s more the second, ask in your next class, allow for options, explore, transform, and keep trying. One day perhaps it will open up for you.

Coming in to Trikonasana:

  • Start in a Warrior II stance R leg forward, with ankles approximately under the shoulders, or perhaps a little closer.
  • Inhale arms to shoulder height, shoulder blades relaxed down the back.
  • Exhale allow the back hip (L hip) to gently kick back towards the back wall, hinging towards the R hip.
  • The R arm gently reaches forward maintaining that length in the body.
  • When we find compression in the hips, or feel ready to find the fold, we can allow the front arm to fall where it will. It may find its way to the floor, the shin the thigh. Though there is temptation to reach, if that compromises the heart, we can let that go!
  • The top arm lightly circles, and floats towards the sky, reaching for that opening in the heart.
  • Breathe!

Triangle is an amazing place to find our center, and all the energy that streams out from that powerful place. From that place of strength we have the opportunity to transform all that we do not need in this moment. Enjoy!