Wellness Cooperative

Verapose Yoga Wellness Cooperative ("Cooperative”) is for individuals in the health and/or healing arts industry who are small business owners working directly with clients to improve their lives and enhance their wellbeing. The “Cooperative" was created for those who wish to share a professional space and to utilize optional larger spaces within the Yoga House for trainings and events. The "Cooperative" is designed for community minded individuals who want to share space as well as be part of a broader Wellness Community.

Hours of Operation:

7am - 10pm, 7 days a week

Sharable Spaces:

  1. Upstairs classroom
    1. Suitable for groups of up to 20 persons.
    2. Includes 6' table, 15-20 folding chairs, powerpoint w/ USB & screen
    3. 200 Square feet
  2. Upstairs Wellness Office Space
    1. Suitable for one-on-one counseling, small meetings of 4-6 persons.
    2. Equipped with meeting table and four chairs, two accent chairs, and shelving.
    3. 160 Square feet
  3. Main Yoga Studio Downstairs
    1. Suitable for groups of up to 30 persons, during non-class times
    2. Small kitchenette with sink.
    3. 600 Square feet, plus 150 Square feet in adjoining room
  4. Downstairs Treatment/Reiki Room
    1. Suitable for Reiki and Massage Therapy
    2. Includes massage table
    3. 105 Square feet
  5. Downstairs Meditation/Treatment Room
    1. Suitable for smaller, intimate groups of up to four persons.
    2. Suitable for therapist, massage table.
    3. 155 Square feet

Sharable Space Rental Rates

  • Upstairs classroom
  • Suitable for groups of up to 20 persons.
  • Includes 6' table, 15-20 folding chairs, powerpoint w/ USB & screen
  • 200 Square feet

About The Yoga House

Our historic building was built in 1877. It has been newly remodeled and updated. The rooms are bright and airy, with lots of windows. The decor is light, clean and carries zen-like qualities. We are located near the intersection of Main Street on Baker Road. We are within walking distance to all downtown shops, restaurants and offices, and are conveniently located near Monument Park, where festivals and events are regularly held. Free Parking is available on Baker Road. The Yoga House has one washroom with toilet on main level.

Handicap Accessibility

The Yoga House is NOT a fully updated Handicap Accessible facility. We are a historic building, built in 1877 and have ramp accessibility to main level, but we do not have a bathroom that's fully handicapped accessible or equipped, nor do we have an elevator for 2nd floor.


Online scheduling software is Skedda. Scheduling occurs at beginning of month on a first come first serve basis. Each member can change the amount of hours they rent space for each month. When scheduling a single hour, each "hour" is counted as 55 minutes. This will assist in the flow of sharing the spaces. All shared spaces are available in 15 minute increments, and billed in 15 minute increments.

Members schedule their shared space reservations ONLINE on a first come first serve basis via our online Skedda account. Our main yoga studio and our upstairs training facility are used for ongoing classes and trainings throughout the week and month, so "Cooperative" members must schedule their use of the rooms around our already planned events.

Annual Membership Fee

An annual Membership Fee of $125 is required. The Membership Fee is payable upon acceptance into "Cooperative", and billed annually. Make check payable to “Verapose Yoga.”

Space Share Minimum Requirements

Each member is required to purchase/reserve a minimum of 3 hours per month, at a rate of $45 to keep your membership active.


Members determine the number of hours each month by the 1st calendar day of that month and notify Cooperative Coordinator via email the number of hours. The Member will be charged with method of payment (credit card) on file, or Member can pay with check. If Member fails to notify Cooperative Coordinator, the minimum fee of $45 will be billed to credit card on file. If additional hours are needed during the month, Member will be billed the following month.

For the sake of respecting other members' time, our hourly rate is based on 55 minutes, in order to have time to switch sessions between members. This is so that everyone can start their sessions on time with clients. We ask that you be mindful of the time and respect your fellow "Cooperative" members' reserved time.

Cancellations & Refunds

If Member needs, to cancel or reschedule, 24 advance notice is required in the Skedda Online software. No credit/refunds are issued.

Membership Guidelines

We request all of our members to carry their own liability insurance if required. Members are assumed sole proprietors and are not, and will not be considered Verapose Yoga employees.

This is a Cooperative and as such, we will have an Oversight Board made up of active members, owner, and partners, who meet quarterly. Membership application and Membership approval is through our Oversight Board.

Verapose Yoga will have a visible listing of all active Verapose Yoga Wellness Cooperative members available to their students; and active members will also be listed on the Verapose Yoga website.

Please remove all trash after your shared rental sessions, and please remove all belongings. Supplies not included are sheeting, pillows, blankets, towels for massage/therapy rooms, copies, office supplies. Sanitize all massage tables in therapy space after use. We have a complimentary Tea Cart in the Lobby/Retail area. Massage table available for rent $5 hour.


Each Member is responsible for their own clients/customers and for safeguarding and overseeing the retail area while clients and customers are in house. Members do not conduct retail transactions. Retail inquiries and transactions are referred to Verapose staff.

Shoes in Yoga House

Please no street shoes are allowed in yoga house beyond where signage permits.

Application Process

An Application Essay is required for membership consideration and approval. If approved, a 3-month trial and review by the Board will assess Annual Membership. Having a Wellness and Healing Arts "Cooperative" that flows is essential for everyone’s success and for the energy and space we hold for each other. If a Cooperative Member is disruptive, disrespectful, or unlawful, the Membership will be terminated immediately. No refunds issued.

Include in your Essay:

How long have you been in business, practicing?

Do you bring a clientele? If so, what is the size of your clientele?

Why do you want to join Verapose Wellness Cooperative?

What is your 5-year business plan/projection/objectives?

What are your professional affiliations and credentials?

Are you board certified, if required? If so, by whom, where?

What are your strengths and talents that you can offer your clients?

Estimate of hours needed? Times and days?

Primary focus of health/wellness related work?

What will you be using the space for? Which spaces?

Submit Application Essay to Courtney Fitzpatrick, courtney@veraposeyoga.com

Notification of Membership

Membership notification will be sent via email within 1-2 weeks of application.

Terms & Conditions for Membership

Upon Approval for Verapose Yoga Wellness Cooperative, each member must sign an Agreement and Disclaimer and Membership Fee must be paid in advance. Verapose Yoga & Meditation House holds no liability.