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December 27, 2019
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January 10, 2020
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Word of the YEAR 2020

I will admit, this end of year both seemed to creep up and come on like a freight train. Those things happening at the same time are both shocking and amusing at times. For some of, this led to a time of reflection, and time to ponder a path and an intention for 2020, and for others it has felt a little more like a mad dash. Whatever your approach to moving into 2020 has been, or will be, we hope you have time to craft an intention space around this upcoming year. 

This is something that we have been practicing and working with for several years and have found a very powerful part of our practice, both as individuals and as a community. We LOVE hearing others intentions for the year, and seeing how we can support each other, and how we can encourage one another. 

The Chopra Center discusses how an intention for the year is really thinking about what it is that we want to manifest. Once we have these manifestations and intentions in mind then we can begin the work, and looking towards progress, whatever form it may take. 

Last year I wrote my intention word Renew on a large bright orange sticky and hung it on my fridge. When I would feel lost, I would go take a look at all my little reminders and hints and take a few deep breaths. At times I’d have a great idea and add it to the list. At times I’d scrunch my face and think there was no way I could hold true to ANY of these. And… it was great to have those in my life who could draw me back, remind my of commitments, of the value of this space created, both for me and for others. 

If you have tips on staying true to your intention for the year… share them. The Verapose Community would love to hear them. We all learn so MUCH from one another, not only in the words and spaces we are crafting, but also in HOW we are going about this journey. 

Our words of the Year for 2020!

Courtney: JOY